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Introduction :

SCF III is an improvised version of Stem Cell Factor developed by Swiss"s Institute of Biomedical Research. It is the latest breakthrough in clinical stem cell therapy and is derived from the largest and toughest cactus in the world – Cereus Grandiflorus. Stem Cell Factor which is extracted from this cactus is then modified with the latest technology in molecular genetics. Now, SCF III has the greatest proximity to natural human SCF and is the only form of SCF which can be applied in vivo and exerting stem cell stimulating effects.

Anona Muricata, commonly known as African custard-apple, the fruits have the potential to improve nutrition & enhance immunity and general health tonic. In Africa, many villagers regard it as a gift of fairy fruit from god. Its unique properties in antiulcer, antacid, antibacterial, promote wound healing, antitumor agent, hormonal balancing activities and the effects of slimming & firming, make it significantly a natural ingredient to strengthen the wall of body stem cell.


Dosage of SCF III varies depending on individual conditions and expectation. Functional restoring dosage is recommended at one treatment every 5 days, with 10 treatments as one course. Usage should be administered daily by certified professionals. Dosage can be increased or decreased accordingly to achieve individual’s desires.


SCF III can be direct applied, or mix with saline solution (approx. 100 ml), 15 – 30 minutes therapy for enhancing effectiveness. SCF III is suitable for individual above the age of 25. The efficacies are more prominent when used in elderly patients. SCF III will induce stem cell generating mechanism in the body, with the production of pluripotent stem cell, and convert these pluripotent stem cells into specific type of multipotent stem cells, depending on individual conditions, to exert tissue and cellular repair, rejuvenation and regeneration. SCF III is generally indicated for the following conditions:


Pregnancy, lactating mothers and those who are hypersensitive to plant derivatives.


10ml x 10 vials / box
Each vial (10ml) contains:

Cereus Grandiflorus extracts 5000mcg
Anona Muricata fruit extracts 2000mcg

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